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Critique by JustM3M0nt JustM3M0nt/critique/1285243369">Aug 26, 2015, 4:10:26 PM
I completely love this design, I personally have a thing for animal themed heroes or things period, and his representation of tiger on his outfit is clearly shown and his monk theme is still subtle and persistent which I like, I.E. the loosely fitting pants and his "boots" the one complaint I have of the design is the mask, I dont think he needs it, his face gives him that "I'm going to fuck you up instantly" and the mask takes that away a bit and makes him seem a bit more heroish, that's just my opinion though. The design and concept is great and I can really see this guy getting into some great and heated...pun intended, battles with Leo. Awesome work as per usual bro!

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